Friday, 1 August 2014


"When the rugby widow saw the long season ahead, she saw a winter bleak and dark and bereft of hope. Yet we know that Rugby season is just another step in the cycle of life. But standing here among the people of Alexandria and basking in the passion of the players and the supporters, She couldn't imagine a better fate than a long and lustrous Rugby Season."

Okay, Dukes and Duchess, rise and shine, and don't forget your booties 'cause it's cooooold out there today.  That's right, woodchuck-chuckers - it's...LADIES DAY!!

Saturday 2nd August is that special day where we try to do something special in thanks for all the time that our better halves put in or give up with us.
Ladies days tickets can be prepaid via PayPal on the below link.


The day will be broken into 3 parts:


  • All Girls get a gift bag
  • Ticket includes 
    • Bubbles, 
    • Beers, 
    • BBQ and Nibbles, 
    • entry to the lucky draw prize (drawn at the Pub)
  • Dukes v Clovelly - Pink Jerseys and Socks
  • Ice Challenge
    • Billy Hodgetts
    • Mick Hodgetts
    • Jacob Jones
    • Corey Mangan
    • James Manderson
Back at The Duke - Part 1
    Ice Challenge
  • Post Match Speeches
  • Pink Jersey Auction (All Profits to Pink Hope Foundation)
  • Perfect Partners (Prize - Romantic High Tea at the Sofitel)
  • Wax a Duke (All money to Pink Hope Foundation
  • 1 minute Makeup Disaster Game (Prizes for winners)
Back at The Duke - Part 2
  • Trash-e-oke Karaoke (Donation to Pink Hope Foundation)
  • Tahs Jersey Auction, Jersey to have a personal message to the winner (Money to Pink Hope and Dukes)

Monday, 14 July 2014

What's Occurring? - 14th July 2014

The Dukes have been battered with Injuries, but still put up 2 very strong teams on the weekend playing the Merrylands Wolves in Halligans Cup and The Vales in the Meldrum Cup.

Meldrum Cup - Round 11
The result 45 - 16 did not really show the match with the Dukes up 9 - 7 with 5 minutes to go in the first half.  The 2nd half saw every 50:50 call go to the Vales, whether it be a bounce of the ball or the blow of the whistle,  go to the very opportunistic Vales Team.  The quality that is needed to win this competition still resides in the Dukes squad and with a massive 32 players out through injury or misadventure, the depth that is now in the club has got us through. 

James Schulz had a strong game at the back of the scrum as did Jacob Jones in between his natural position on the flank and his adopted position on the wing.

Jonathon Row and James Manderson made their first grade debuts from the bench and had strong performances, well done lads.

Meldrum points from the match went as follows:
  • 1pt to Alex Cavanaugh scoring a 40 metre try and palming off quite a few would be tacklers, 
  • 2pts to Dane LeRay in his first game back after a few weeks off was solid around the park, but 
  • 3pts going to Brendan Hoskins who filled in at 9 for the day and did a great job in the some what foreign distribution role.
Halligans Cup 
The Halligans Cup team played Merrylands who had a reputation as a bit firey, and they showed glimpses of that, with some disgusting cheap shots.  The final score of 36-10 was a decent representation of the game, with the Merrylands team having a more fluid style of play and chancing their arm any time they could.  
It wasn't all bad on Saturday however, one of the most Capped Dukes, Corey Mangan picked up not only his first try for the club in 3 years, but his first try in 21 years.  

Big efforts around the park by Vlad Yershov, James Manderson, James and Alex Schulz and Saffa Gary.

Round 12 vs Maccabi
At the end of this season, it will be this week we are going to remember. This week is going to be a point of the season where we say, that's where it all started.  

Last round we played Maccabi, we had referee who blew 30 penalties against us.  The discipline wasn't with us that day, but he was a very controlling referee, even checking that players shoulder pads and kicking tees, were IRB regulation before the kick-off.

But all excuses aside, we were a much better team and we let this game slip i nthe first round.  It's time to take it back with some interest.

After the Game there will be a few people doing their Ice Challenges for Charity.  If you have been nominated by a mate and were looking for the opportunity to do it get in touch with and he can fit you into the schedule, at Lyne Park
this Saturday. 
The Dukes charity for the Ice Challenge is the Cancer Council Australia. If you want to make a donation for this crazy challenge for a great cause, follow the below link to the Ice Challenge Donation page on the Alexandria Dukes RFC PayPal account.

Currently, the following Dukes will be completing their Ice Challenge

  • George Hicks
  • Phillip Tovey
I hope to see you all down at Lyne Park for the rugby and the Icing.
Ice Challenge

Upcoming Events - Ladies Day and Dukes Idol

Both events are on the 2nd August making it one of the biggest parties of the year.

After the rugby there will be an auction after the speeches at the Iron Duke Hotel.  The auction will be for the Ladies Day Jerseys with all Profits going to Pink Hope.  

Get your Lady and her friends a ticket early for a $10 discount on the entry to the day as well as a bottomless glass and the Dukes grill locked and loaded.



Monday, 7 July 2014

Ladies Day 2014


Bus Trip - 12th July 2014

What's Occurring? - 07 July 2014

The Meldrum race is hotting up with all sides (excluding St George) in the hunt for the semi's. The Dukes had a loss to Sydney Grammar Old Boys on the weekend 21-12 which took them from 2nd place to 5th place.

Results and Ladder

This weekends games become even more important taking on the competition leaders, The Vales at Cheerybrook Park, Silverwater Cres, Lansvale.  
Injuries at this time of the season are always high so it is extremely important to get all hands on deck for this big game.

There is also a Halligans game set to play Merrylands at Merrylands @ 12:30pm. Merrylands have been strong all season and should be a good hit out. 

There is a bus taking the Dukes to both games and will be leaving the Iron Duke Hotel at 11:00am.  The bus is open to all player and supporters and will include all your drinking needs on the journey home. There will also be a couple of stops on the way home as well.  The cost of the bus will be $30 per person.  If you need any further details, contact Billy Hodgetts on 0414 217 453.

State of Origin and Training
State of Origin 3 is this Wednesday.  Training has been moved to Thursday night for this week only.

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